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Do you want to be a part of the next revolution in urban mobility?
Explore the multidisciplinary research at University of California, Berkeley that is helping take urban mobility to the skies. We are investigating the next evolution of transportation, as people and goods move via land and air in a safe, efficient, sustainable, and equitable manner. Berkeley's world-renowned Civil and Environmental Engineering, City and Regional Planning, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences departments are coming together in this broad research initiative to evaluate the potential of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) to propel the next transportation revolution. Join the movement!

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UAS and Air Traffic Research

Under the able guidance of Professor Raja Sengupta, the Cal Unmanned Lab at UC Berkeley focuses on advancing research in design and operation of vehicles and airpsace for future urban skies. The lab has over two decades of proven drone research with awards and grants from National Science Foundation, DARPA, FAA, DOT and NASA. Our current focus is on expanding unmanned vehicle research to support Urban Air Mobility as a new paradigm of Urban Mobility. We build our simulation tools and test platforms. To explore further visit unmanned.berkeley.edu

Cal Unmanned Lab

We focus on designing vehicles and airspace for future urban skies

Urban Traffic Simulation and Modeling

Led by Professor Paul Waddell, the Urban Analytics Lab (UAL) focuses on the assessment of the impacts of land use regulations and transportation investments on outcomes such as spatial patterns of real estate development and prices, travel behavior, emissions, and resource consumption. Much of the work is conducted through open-source simulation and discrete choice modeling. The lab has received numerous research grants from the National Science Foundation, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Federal Highway Administration, and state and local governments.

Urban Analytics Lab

We model spatial patterns and trends and simulate urban travel behavior and land use patterns

UAS Dynamics and Control

The HiPeR Lab, led by Professor Mark Mueller, focuses on low-level research on fundamental robotics capabilities, especially for Unmanned Aerial Systems. Areas of particular focus are safety, localization, and design. The lab aims to enhance the systems’ capabilities by advanced algorithms, mechanical design, and control strategies. There is a strong focus on experimental validation of ideas, and therefore the lab ensures that algorithms etc. can be implemented on a real system, and run in real time.

HiPeR Lab

We focus on robotics and control for unmanned aerial systems.

Next Generation Vertiport Design

Led by Dr. Jasenka Rakas, the Airport Design Studio, along with NEXTOR, provides a diverse group of researchers, students, and faculty with a unique facility dedicated to accommodating research in contemporary design, planning and management for airport and aviation systems in support of the US National Airspace System (NAS) transformation into the Next Generation Air Transportation System. The Studio encompasses multidisciplinary fields including civil and environmental engineering, air transportation engineering, architecture, art, systems engineering, urban planning, aeronautics, mechanical engineering, operations research, computer science, economics, business, and finance.

Airport Design Studio

We model airports and vertiports/skyports optimal for urban aircraft operations.

Meet the Team

We are a team of multidiscplinary researchers with skills including software development, hardware development, and behavioral modeling.


Prof. Raja Sengupta

UC Berkeley

Prof. Paul Waddell

UC Berkeley

Prof. Mark Mueller

Asst. Professor
UC Berkeley

Dr. Jasenka Rakas

UC Berkeley

Dr. Vishwanath Bulusu

Aerospace Res. Scientist

Pavan Yedavalli

PhD Candidate
DCRP, Urban Computing
UC Berkeley

Samuel Fernandes

Program Manager


Student Researcher
UC Berkeley




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